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Whether you are a student in high school or have recently passed high school, completing your studies and earning a diploma is more important than ever in today’s job market. A high school diploma is often the minimum requirement for many entry-level jobs, and it is also a prerequisite for admission to many post-secondary education programs.
Additionally, studies have shown that individuals with a high school diploma are more likely to earn a higher income and have better job prospects compared to those who have not completed high school. In today’s competitive job market, having a high school diploma is essential for success, and it provides a solid foundation for pursuing further education and career opportunities.
At our school, we offer a range of programs and resources to help students complete their high school studies and earn their diploma, setting them on the path to a successful future.

Why Get Your high School Diploma with AULM

Forge a Path to Success

With our online program, you can now obtain your High School Diploma from the comfort of your own home. Graduating from high school is a crucial milestone in an individual’s life, opening up doors to new opportunities and possibilities. Whether you are planning to attend college, embark on a new project, or pursue a career, obtaining an accredited high school diploma is the first step towards achieving your goals. At the American School of Leadership, we understand the importance of obtaining a high school diploma and offer a flexible, self-paced online program that caters to individuals from all walks of life. Whether you are a current student, a high school dropout, or looking to transfer, we have the right program for you.


Forge a Path to Success

P5. ASL College Prep

1. Student must pre-test for proficiency in 11 thru 12 grade Core subject areas (Math, Social Science, Science and English).
2. Students will be given access to our prep resources to study or learn the concepts they scored as deficient in their pre-test (your advisor will guide you through this process).
3. You will receive an exam after each course.
4. Once a passing score is achieved in all assigned subject areas, you will take the final graduation exam.
5. Conferring of the High School Diploma will be awarded when the student has passed all exams, completed the required amount of credits and met their financial obligation to ASL.
6. Upon confirmation of graduation, we will maintain your record of transcript for future verification.
7. Your advisor will help you fill out y

P4. GED Prep Course

Our GED preparation course is designed to help individuals prepare for the GED and HSEC exams, which consist of five multiple-choice tests plus an essay requirement. These exams cover the material that high school students learn during their course of study in Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Literature, and Mathematics. Whether you prefer physical classes starting every semester or online classes starting every four weeks, we have options available for international students. Parental or guardian approval is required for high school students under 18-years-old. Please review our program requirements for further information.

P3. Credit Transfer Program

You can transfer your credits to the American School of Leadership and complete the state-required program to earn your high school diploma. Our staff carefully reviews all transcripts to ensure eligibility for transferring students. If you need additional credits to meet our graduation requirements, you can take them through ASL. The conferring of the high school diploma is awarded after passing all exams, completing the required amount of credits, and meeting the financial obligations to ASL. This program is available for both full-time and part-time students in grades 9-12. Students under 18 years of age require parent/guardian approval, and up to six courses per semester may be taken. Please check our program requirements for more information.

P2. Enrichment Courses

ASL provides a range of comprehensive courses that fulfill core or elective credit requirements for high school graduation. These courses are ideal for students seeking to enhance their transcript with additional credits and prepare for college. The program is available for both full-time and part-time high school students in grades 9-12, with parent/guardian approval required for students under 18. Students can take up to six courses per semester, and program requirements can be found on our website.

P1. Regular High School Program

Students without any high school credits can enroll in a full academic program at ASL. Upon completion of required credits, passing all exams, and fulfilling financial obligations, students will be awarded a high school diploma. The program is available for both full-time and part-time students in grades 9-12, with parent/guardian approval required for students under 18. Students can take up to six courses per semester, and program requirements can be found on our website.

Empowering Your Career Growth

While having a high school diploma is not necessarily a requirement for all jobs, it can significantly impact one’s career prospects and earning potential. Individuals who have completed their high school education can expect to have a wider range of job opportunities available to them compared to those who have not. Additionally, high school graduates can expect to earn more than those who have not completed high school.

Studies have shown that high school graduates earn, on average, nearly twice as much as those who have not completed high school. Furthermore, having a high school diploma can also provide a solid foundation for further education and career advancement opportunities. With a high school diploma, individuals may be eligible for vocational or technical training programs, as well as community college or university programs. Ultimately, obtaining a high school diploma can have a significant impact on one’s career prospects and set the foundation for future success.

Administrative assistant

Customer service representative

Sales representative

Bank teller

Construction worker

Retail sales associate

Security guard

Data entry clerk

Food service worker


Medical assistant


These are just a few examples of the many job opportunities that are available to high school graduates. Having a high school diploma can open doors to a wide range of career opportunities and set the foundation for future success.
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At our school, we are proud to offer an affordable computer science program that provides students with a high-quality education without breaking the bank. We believe that access to education should not be limited by financial barriers, and our affordable tuition rates reflect that commitment.
Our program is designed to provide students with the technical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a rapidly evolving field. We also offer various forms of financial aid, including scholarships and grants, to ensure that all students have the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional goals.
By choosing our affordable computer science program, students can receive an excellent education while avoiding the burden of excessive student debt.


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0.5 Credit


1 year
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Transcript Fee


Graduation Processing Fee


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Replacement Diploma Fee


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Entry Requirements

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  • Make sure to fully fill out the Online Registration Form.
  • Submit the School Records Release Form to the student’s current school and ask for their records from the previous two years to be sent to ASL as soon as their placement is decided.
  • ASL will consider the applicant’s file complete upon receipt of the aforementioned application materials. If space is available, the counseling and admissions office will contact candidates in the order their registrations were submitted to schedule informational interviews.
  • After course selection and payment arrangements are confirmed, students will be assigned an instructor and given access to their courses.
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