Outcome Assessment Program

AUL Marbella Assessment involves gathering, reviewing, and utilizing information about our educational programs in a methodical manner to enhance student learning and growth. Every year, an outcomes assessment is conducted for each program. AUL Marbella has devised an outcomes assessment scheme to regularly evaluate the institution’s efficacy. The institutional effectiveness assessment program comprises two parts: first, collecting and consolidating data on AUL Marbella’s success in fulfilling its objectives, and second, employing this information for institutional planning and program enhancement.

Doctorate Learning Outcomes

The IUL-AULM DBA program is specifically designed to cater to the needs of professionals in business and management seeking doctoral-level education. Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the international business arena, including opportunities for successful employment, publishing scholarly papers, and engaging in professional research and teaching at institutes and universities.

Here are the expected outcomes of the DBA program:

  • Demonstrate advanced proficiency in the latest academic theories, concepts, technology-enabled opportunities, financially justified analysis, research operations, and the market-based economy within the global field of business administration.
  • Synthesize knowledge from both business and non-business disciplines to generate innovative ideas, strategies, and practical approaches to address complex business challenges faced by senior leadership in organizations.
  • Demonstrate effective research skills such as the ability to formulate a research problem, integrate previous publications into an appropriate literature review, design a research study, conduct data analysis, and present results in a clear and concise manner.
  • Evaluate and assess the ethical obligations and responsibilities of businesses for the purpose of responsible management.
  • Utilize industry frameworks, regulations, and real-world experience to address complex industry challenges and provide prescriptive conclusions.
Graduate Learning Outcomes

The graduate programs offered by the University align with the institution’s mission and are designed to meet the standards of the respective disciplines and professions. These programs require a greater depth of study and place higher demands on students’ intellectual or creative abilities, including familiarity with the literature of the field and ongoing involvement in research, innovation, leadership, and/or advanced professional practice.

Upon completion of the graduate programs, graduates are expected to:

  • Possess business leadership and entrepreneurship skills
  • Have a comprehensive understanding of business management across all areas
  • Be adept at working in diverse global regions
  • Be capable of addressing emerging global challenges in international communities

The programs also provide students with an ethical and legal foundation for conducting business and equip them with the ability to identify inappropriate behavior in others. Furthermore, they impart detailed knowledge of project and operations management and explain effective managerial practices, including how to motivate others and optimize human potential.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Our undergraduate programs comprise an integrated curriculum that fosters students’ intellectual breadth and depth, equipping them with the skills necessary to become accomplished learners and succeed in their careers and personal lives. The program blends general education and business education to enhance students’ intellectual capacity, executive personality, and managerial aptitude. The program also aims to develop students’ unique leadership abilities required to manage business operations, organizational units, or enterprises effectively.

Upon finishing the program, undergraduate students are expected to achieve specific learning outcomes, including the ability to:

  • Develop into contemporary and confident executives capable of effectively leading businesses and other organizations
  • Be prepared for advanced business studies both domestically and internationally
  • Realize their potential for high earnings, greater personal growth, and increased responsibility.
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